Saturday, April 20, 2013

World Class Leaders

I sometimes wander off in my own head and just think of the craziest things.

Well the other day, I was just in my head like any normal day.

I was just thinking about how awesome the girls are and how fearless they are.

It came suddenly came to me that everything about these girls is everything I want to be.

Pretty normal thought right?

According to me Yes.

Well then here comes the not so normal part...

What if every world leader had all the standout qualities of a toddler?

This world would just be that much better.

Don't you think?

Honest and blunt. 

Leave it to the girls to just tell you like it is.

"Hey mom, you have a big owie on your head."

As she points to the giant pimple on my forehead that I worked so hard to cover up.

Or here's another...

"Your nose is really big."

Of course not meaning anything by it.

Not trying to hurt anyone, just saying what is the truth and taking note of what they see around them.

When something like this comes out, it's almost hard not to just laugh.

Dance like nobody is watching. 

No matter who is around, the girls are always themselves.

Oh what I would give to just take a trip to Trader Joe's and sing and dance my little heart out.

Oh yes, they do and they did. 

Our last trip to Trader Joe's, every song that came on, they "knew" and sang and danced along like nobody's business.

Sure it took an extra 30 minutes longer than it would've if they had just walked through the store, but who cares!

Correct you when you're wrong. 

They are so quick to enforce the rules that you put in place.

Oh yes, they will even correct you.

Me- "That was so Stupid!" Not realizing I'm constantly being listened to.

"Mom, you know the rules. You can't say that bad word."

Me- "OOPS! Sorry!" Feeling like I should be going on time out at this point.

Praise you when you've done something GRAND! 

Sweetest thing when someone praises you for something that you always do and never really got recognition for.

You never really thought about it as something too great.

But according to them, it made you their hero.

Me- " Here you go honey, I wrote your name right here."

"Oh wow! Good job Mom!!"

Said with such enthusiasm with all sarcasm left behind.

Analyze the Situation and Reason. 

"No Dad, I don't need a sweater. My arms are already covered. Look I have a long sleeve on. I won't be cold."

D- Yes you do, it's cold outside.

" I know, that's why I'm wearing a long sleeve already."

Yeah, this conversation can sometimes go on for a couple minutes.

Usually it's cut short though by...

Well I said you need to wear a sweater and that's it.


The other day we were at the grocery store.

This little boy is on his skateboard in the store, around the same age of the girls.

Oh, and yeah, his parents were right there.

Obviously falls off while board flies into the air.

Parents don't care, continue doing what they're doing.

M&K rush over.

"Here, let me help you up." As she reaches out her hand.

"Are you okay?"

Little boy looks shocked that anyone even asked if he was ok.

The girls ask about ten more times if he is ok.

Until he finally shakes his head yes.

At that point, they're ok to keep walking.

Trust me, they would have stood there as long as they needed to to make sure this boy was ok.

This list could go on forever and ever.

Point being, we can teach these little ones so much, but they can teach us so much more.
Just sit back, watch, and take some notes.
They have all of the qualities that we as adults aspire to possess.
Who knew that at one point in our lives we had been absolutely perfect, well some of us.
Sure a little rough around the edges, but where it mattered the most, we were perfect in every way.

So slow down sometimes, and try to learn from these little ones.

Because yup, they could be world class leaders just as they are (minus the tantrums of course ;-) ).

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