What's for Dinner...

Sometimes we eat pretty healthy, and other times not so much. Let's share some healthy and not so healthy recipes.

Japanese style deep fried shrimp

Just tried this shrimp recipe the other night. OMG so delicious and super easy. Not the healthiest of dishes, but definitely one of the best ways I've made shrimp. YUM!


Chicken breast with Zucchini and Tomatoes

Was feeling like making something pretty simple tonight so I made this.

Chicken in the pan with a bit of olive oil.
Seasoned with kosher salt, italian seasoning (unsalted), and a sprinkle of Costco's organic seasoning (unsalted).
Chopped up some zucchini and tomatoes and cooked on pretty low heat for about an hour covered.
The chicken turned out very juicy and just delish!

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