Sunday, April 14, 2013

Late night with the girls

Tonight I had the joy of being home by myself with the girls.

No sarcasm there. None at all.

Didn't think it was going to be all laughs and smiles as just earlier that day, this had happened:

(not saying this never happens, because this is actually a typical day for us)

 Just before D was about to head out the door.

M had a major breakdown because she could not wear her DIRTY black tights. You know the kind of dirty that shows through even though the tights are black?? Now I'm not saying that I'm completely against this, because usually I'd let this fly, for the sake of avoiding a meltdown. But K also wanted to wear the tights. So I opted for one meltdown versus one dramatic, never ending fight over the dirty black tights.

Here's how it went...

M, I'm putting these away since you both want them and both can't have them

Screaming and kicking.

More screaming and more kicking.

I walk downstairs as the screaming and kicking continues.

Two minutes later, she comes down and the kicking and screaming has finally stopped.

I tell D, sometimes, when she screams and cries, I wanna scream and cry.

Ask D why he hasn't left yet.

His response?

Because I wanted to make sure YOU are going to be ok.


Wanted to respond: HELL no I'm not going to be ok.

Actual Response: Yup, we'll be just fine.

As D walked out the door, I said oh yeah, we will be just fine. Make dinner, put the girls to bed, hoping for a night with no tantrums.

I thought for sure, my night was going to play out a little something like this:

They scream, I scream, they cry, I cry, then finally, we ALL fall asleep.

But to my surprise, it was one of the best nights ever with the girls.

Went outside, chalked up the sidewalk.

Came in for dinner.

Then the girls decided they were going to do my hair.

A little yank here a little pull there.
I say ouch.
K says, Mom no it doesn't hurt because I'm not using a brush.
Just calm down. As M runs back and forth grabbing her hair accessories to decorate my hair repeating again and again, Mom you hair is a beauty.
K grabs my phone to take some pics for her portfolio.

Not once did I look at the clock tonight thinking, Oh good, it's almost bedtime. I actually didn't look at the clock at all. 945 rolled around and I realized oh shoot, you guys need to go to bed! Didn't actually get them to bed til around 1030.

  Such a perfect ending to a not so perfect day.

Sometimes I forget to just treasure these toddler days that at times seem never ending.
I  find myself focused on the tantrums and meltdowns and not so much on the "good stuff."
I'm taking this as a friendly reminder to simply enjoy these toddler days. Tantrums and all.
The tantrums won't be here forever...well hopefully not.

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