Thursday, April 11, 2013

The YES Mom

So I'm sure you've had those days where you feel like every other word out of your mouth is NO. Or not. Well I have... And a little too frequently.

I only say that because after a series of NOs comes a few short Yes's that seem to have a long, very long lasting effect.

No M, no K don't hit your sister
No you can't have more goldfish before dinner
No we're not going to Disneyland after school
No you Need to share with your sister, and so on and so on.
Yes, this is a typical day for me. And no it's not really a problem, not at all actually until... The automatic yes kicks in.

So I'll explain it to you a little in case you've never experienced it for yourself. It kind of works like cruise control. Just makes life a little easier for that particular moment (we'll get to the lasting effects a little later). Once you've reached x amount of no's, it kind of just kicks in. For  me some days it could be after 10 no's and other days even after as little as 1 no. It usually depends on how far they've pushed me. 

Once cruise control has set in, here's how the rest of the day goes....

Mom, can we go to Disneyland tomorrow after school? Yes.

Can I wear my princess heels to school? Yes. 

Can I have some candy? Yes I say reaching for the leftover candy from Easter. ( thought I had forgotten where it was until I really needed it.) cruise control still on.

Mom, can I have some more goldfish right now before my dinner? (she just had one full bowl of them) 

Go on to pour her another full bowl. 

D usually stops me by this point asking what I'm doing... 
Me not even realizing that auto pilot yes has begun making those Yes's reality.

Fast forward to the next day after school... 

Mom are we going to Disneyland now?! 

Oh sh**. Worst mom of the year award goes to.... Skip the drumroll please.... ME!!

Moral of this story, if you go into auto pilot mode, snap out of it as SOON as you become
aware. It's effects could be long long lasting and needless to say, irreversible.

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