Monday, April 15, 2013

Oops.. It was an accident.

I always wonder how the girls got to be so clumsy in the past few months. You know, having all kinds of  accidents. 

No, I don't really wonder.

Because they haven't.

They've just caught on to using "Oops, it was an accident" pretty loosely.

M why'd you hit your sister?

Wheels turning so quickly in her head.

Two seconds later comes back with "Ummm, it was an accident Mom. Sorry"

So you're telling me, your arm accidentally lifted itself up (after you were so upset at K for taking your toy). Can't forget the part where your body had to move itself closer to hers, accidentally of course.

And then, we can't forget, accidentally brought itself back down, accidentally hitting K on the way back down? Have to be sure to include the accident part of it.

That's some serious stuff.

Lots of accidents happening in a matter of seconds.

I wish I had those kinds of accidents.

You know the ones where you get sooo mad at someone and your arm or leg or any limb on your body just happens to accidentally be moving in the direction of the other person at that given moment.

Oh, what I would give to have these kinds of accidents. Then I would never have to be sorry about anything right? Because it would simply be an accident.

Of course, a simple sorry would be approporiate and in order. But you wouldn't have to have the complicated sorry attached with a minimum five minute explanation.

Or the other kind of accidents where you accidentally slip and say something that you really didn't mean to say. Only to be followed by, I'm sorry, it was just an accident.

The return response would then be oh, it was an accident? Oh ok.

And life just goes on. Everyone keeps pushing forward.

Here's another accident that actually happened just the other day.

Have no idea where in the hell they got this spitting thing from.

Here's how it went down.

K spits at M.

M says, Mom K spit at me. She needs to go on time out.

I say, why did you spit on M?!

K says, but mom, I didn't mean to. It was an accident!

Well this Mom right here, thinks that the word accident needs to be put on the DO NOT USE list.

Right along side -stupid, -oh my god,-hate, -poo poo, (of course when used out of context. trust me it gets ugly), etc.

Yup that's right, as of today, ACCIDENT is now in the category of "potty words."

Call me crazy, but this is no accident.

(And see for yourself, I'm not the only one who has their list of potty words. Actually found that I have some in common with lots of other moms! =)!  )

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