Working on My Fitness.

Taking time for yourself can sometimes be difficult when you have little ones.

 It is so important to take time for yourself and get in that time whenever you can.

During my free time, I like to workout, because I feel like it relieves my stress and helps to keep me sane.

I will be sharing a weekly workout as well as different workouts that I try and ones that I make up as I go so

that I am not bored  from week to week. I am no expert in the world of fitness, but I did receive a B.S. in

Kinesiology - Exercise Science and like to think that I am. ;)

I know that it is hard to get away and do anything without the kids, so I will also be including one 5 or 10

minute workout that you can squeeze in at least three times a day. Maybe you can try doing this while the

kids are eating breakfast, taking a nap, or even when they are keeping themselves busy.

Gym Workout of the Week  4/18
10 min of intervals on the stationary bike
10 min on the stair master with increasing and decreasing intensities
15 min on the treadmill with a light jog
5 min of bicep curls, overhead press, and tricep push backs

I woke up very sore today. It is really good to change what equipment you will be using each time you go to

the gym as it can sometimes get a little boring. This workout is good for those who have a short attention

span and simply want to get a pretty good sweat in. You will be tricking your muscles by doing this so that

they never really get "comfortable" on any one machine. I recommend this or a shorter version of this if you

want an efficient workout.

5 Minute Workout of the Week  4/15-4/21 
This workout focuses mostly on strength of the core and lower body.
Click on the link below the images for a more detailed description of the more complex exercises

-30 seconds of squats

-20 modified push-ups

-30 seconds of right leg lunges

-25 toes touches (add a weight to make this more advanced if you would like)

-30 seconds of left leg lunges

-20 modified push-ups

-1 minute plank ( if you are not able to make it to the full minute, start with 30 seconds and each week add 5 seconds)

-30 sec pulse lunge right leg
This is the same as a regular lunge, but once you move into the downward lunge position (position B as shown in the lunge image above), you will stay there and just pulse. Make small movements up and down, for the entire 30 seconds.

-25 crunches
Be sure to keep your chin aimed at the ceiling and do not be tempted to lift your head with your hands. It is important that you remember you are not lifting your head, and you should be feeling this exercise in your core not you neck.

-30 sec pulse lunge left leg

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