Monday, April 29, 2013

Don't Worry, Be Happy.

The effects of an amazing spa day are long-lasting.

Had I known this three years ago, I would've gotten us as far into debt as possible just for this feeling.

A feeling like there is not a care in the world.

Peace and love all around.


On cloud 9 right now.


Heaven Sent.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Therapist

A trip to the spa today was quite relaxing.

My last stop was to get my eyebrows cleaned up a bit. Very much needed.

I was starting to look a bit werewolf like up there.

So I'm not sure what it is about me, but strangers always feel so comfortable telling my everything... and I mean Everything.

The woman doing my brows decides she's going to tell me about her mommy-ing after I shared with her that I have a set of twins.

Her son, she says is f-ing annoying and she swears she will not have anymore kids.

Wow. Ok.

She then goes on to ask me not to judge her before she says what she did this morning.

Her son who's two years old, threw his breakfast on the ground.

So once breakfast is done it's done.

He comes to her a couple hours later saying he's hungry.

She gives him a bag of chips because she's getting ready for work and doesn't have the time or patience to make anything.

Yeah, I think to myself, I can totally relate.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Is it over yet???

Hell week.

Well weeks I  should say.

M Gets sick beginning of week one.

M gets better.


K didn't get sick along with her for the first time!

I did everything possible make sure this didn't happen.

No don't drink out of her cup!

Don't breathe next to sis!

Cover your mouth!

It worked... Sweet!!

Not so fast....

Two days later k gets sick.

K gets better three days later.

Yes, finally everyone is better!


I get sick.

Just freakin lovely.

I get better. Now in search of a gameplan for next time.

Because you better believe, there will be a next time.

So what's my plan?

Well I would say after two weeks straight of a sick house has made me

So here's the plan.

Make sure they get sick at the exact same time.

So let's just say M gets sick first.

I'll "encourage" the sharing of cups, food. Etc.

K gets sick the same day and there you go, both sick at the same time.

Problem solved.

Cut sick time in half at this house!

Mommy of the year at it again! :-)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

World Class Leaders

I sometimes wander off in my own head and just think of the craziest things.

Well the other day, I was just in my head like any normal day.

I was just thinking about how awesome the girls are and how fearless they are.

It came suddenly came to me that everything about these girls is everything I want to be.

Pretty normal thought right?

According to me Yes.

Well then here comes the not so normal part...

What if every world leader had all the standout qualities of a toddler?

This world would just be that much better.

Don't you think?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Oops.. It was an accident.

I always wonder how the girls got to be so clumsy in the past few months. You know, having all kinds of  accidents. 

No, I don't really wonder.

Because they haven't.

They've just caught on to using "Oops, it was an accident" pretty loosely.

M why'd you hit your sister?

Wheels turning so quickly in her head.

Two seconds later comes back with "Ummm, it was an accident Mom. Sorry"

So you're telling me, your arm accidentally lifted itself up (after you were so upset at K for taking your toy). Can't forget the part where your body had to move itself closer to hers, accidentally of course.

And then, we can't forget, accidentally brought itself back down, accidentally hitting K on the way back down? Have to be sure to include the accident part of it.

That's some serious stuff.

Lots of accidents happening in a matter of seconds.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Late night with the girls

Tonight I had the joy of being home by myself with the girls.

No sarcasm there. None at all.

Didn't think it was going to be all laughs and smiles as just earlier that day, this had happened:

(not saying this never happens, because this is actually a typical day for us)

 Just before D was about to head out the door.

M had a major breakdown because she could not wear her DIRTY black tights. You know the kind of dirty that shows through even though the tights are black?? Now I'm not saying that I'm completely against this, because usually I'd let this fly, for the sake of avoiding a meltdown. But K also wanted to wear the tights. So I opted for one meltdown versus one dramatic, never ending fight over the dirty black tights.

Here's how it went...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The YES Mom

So I'm sure you've had those days where you feel like every other word out of your mouth is NO. Or not. Well I have... And a little too frequently.

I only say that because after a series of NOs comes a few short Yes's that seem to have a long, very long lasting effect.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life... It's a little crazy

I started this blog as a way of sharing my sometimes crazy stories and also just so I can have an outlet. So I have some friends, all of whom are single, and my stories are more than likely not
the most exciting thing to them at this point in their lives. So here I am, talking to myself on a computer hoping that someone somewhere who is interested is listening. :)

   I moved away from home at the age of 18 with every intention of going to college, graduating, starting a career, and THEN a family. Well life has it's twists and turns and plays out the way it is going to and was meant to. So the new order of things is now: a little bit of school, a family, graduation, and still working on the career part. As I transitioned into the family part of life, you can only imagine a.) what shock it was to find out I was pregnant and b.) what a HUGE shock it was to find out I was having twins.