Sunday, May 12, 2013



Mother's day.

A day to show those who gave their all to help raise us as accomplished or broken, whatever we may be, how much we truly appreciate them. 

Whether this person is your mom, your older sister, your aunt, your grandma, or even your best friend's mother. 

It's that person, or those people who stepped in and helped you become the person you are today. 

The person in your life who made you feel as though there was nothing in this world you couldn't do, no obstacle you couldn't overcome, no mountain you couldn't climb. 

For me, that person was my Mom.

A selfless woman with all the love any single person could contain. 

As a little girl, I remember looking at my mom, thinking I hope I'm just like her one day.
I can't even remember how many cousins, siblings, friends, second cousins, nephews, and nieces my mother has taken in over the years. 

She took in her brother, her sister, a few of my cousins, a few of my brothers' friends, whoever was in need. 

Her heart was and is so big, she could never ever say no. No matter what.

Mom, my friend just got in a fight with his mom, can he stay here for the night? 


Ummmm Mom, Ernie's mom is moving out of state, can he stay here and finish the last year of high school?

Of course.  (Both of the above mentioned times were of course my brothers asking, not me!)

Most recently, my mother took in her own cousin who is mentally ill, who has been living with her for about the last four or five years.  

Dr appointments, grocery store trips, shopping trips, etc. Whatever she may need. 

My mother does not ever do the minimum. She goes above and beyond anything that may or may not be expected. 

Will use whatever resources available to make things happen. 

Things that you may think would be impossible, she makes them happen. 

She's a mother to all.

 A mother to anyone in need. 

And you thought a mother by definition was just a person who gave birth to you. 

 Wrong, it can include any person or persons who carry on that motherly role. 

And that is definitely my mom. 
She's not the richest person with the biggest house or the most money. 

But she is definitely rich with love. Actually, the richest person I know. 

Makes sacrifices for any person she loves. Sacrifices both big and small. 

Always puts herself last. 

Her every being is devoted to those around her. 

Making sure those around her are well and taken care of.   

And so today, I thank my mother for modeling her kind, selfless ways  so that I may follow in her footsteps.

My Mom.

The very definition of what a mother should be. 

As a side note, my mother's dream has always been to become a foster parent once we all moved out. 

Well guess what mom, you've been living that dream out all along. 

So take a step back and take it all in. 

I love you Mom.

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